Three journalists test positive in Maharashtra

Three journalists test positive in Maharashtra

Agency News

Pune Apr 12 : Three employees of a media house tested positive for COVID-19, after one of them showed visible symptoms of the disease. It is believed that the symptomatic patient, who works on the news desk, passed on the disease to two colleagues.

All three were admitted to the BMC's Municipal Capacity Building and Research (MCMCR) centre in Powai last night. Thirty-seven of their colleagues tested negative and have been put in quarantine for 14 days. Vinayak Vispute, assistant commissioner, west ward, said, "I got a call last night about three possible corona cases from a media house. We took them to the MCMCR building in Powai while 37 of their colleagues, who tested negative, were quarantined in a suburban hotel. One of their staff members had symptoms and the report indicated he was positive and had infected two other colleagues." Vispute added that the 37 employees were quarantined by the hotel itself, as they had been working from there during the pandemic. “They have not officially reported to the BMC,” he said.

He added, "The media house had booked the suburban hotel for their employees and it is their call whether to continue their 14-day quarantine there or shift them to another location.”(UNI)