Rising COVID-19: Sena accuses Modi for responding 'slowly'

Rising COVID-19: Sena accuses Modi for responding 'slowly'

Agency News

Mumbai, Mar 23: Shiv Sena on Monday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was slow to react on COVID-19 pandemic, which in turn, led to the spread of the deadly virus by leaps and bounds.

"Had the rail services, including the local trains in Mumbai, been suspended earlier, the number of coronavirus patients would not have seen an exponential growth," read Shiv Sena's mouth piece--Saamana--editorial.

The party expressed fear that India could be on the path of Italy and Germany which "did not take the pandemic threat seriously", resulting in hundreds of casualties.

"We are repeating the mistakes of Italy and Germany. Crowding is a huge risk as the infection can spread easily. Had the train services been suspended earlier, the number of positive patients would not have seen an exponential growth," it added.

"Prime Minister is known for leaving people 'surprised' with his decisions. At the time of note ban, he had given very little time for people to react, then why so much time has been taken at the time of this pandemic?" the Sena asked.

"It is not just the people who care less about the seriousness of the situation, but it has even been seen at the administrative level," it proclaimed.

"Cities like Milan and Venice in Italy have "virtually become graveyards" where people could not even attend funerals (of those who died due to the Coronavirus). The streets of Rome are deserted. Germany is also on the same path," it said.

"We should understand the gravity of the situation as the number of positive patients has increased by 40 per cent in the last couple of days. We have only one hospital bed available per 50,000 people, as our population is 130 crore," the editorial argued.

The editorial also took a strong jibe against the PM's appeal for clapping and utensil-thumping at 1700 hrs on Sunday as the gesture to laud the medical personnel and others for duly performing their duties and risking their lives in combating the pandemic. People of Italy had come out on streets earlier "ignoring the advisory for social distancing" when the disease was spreading, it said.

"They did not show any discipline and now are paying the price for it. Similarly, Indians also have to do away with their social gatherings and events like 'Taali Bajao'. The real patriotism is in staying at home," it asserted. (UNI)