MNS activists celebrate its anniversary with difference

MNS activists celebrate its anniversary with difference

Agency News

Thane, Mar 10: The Students wing of the Maharashtra Nava Nirman Sena of Raj Thackeray on Monday celebrated the 14th anniversary of the MNS with a difference here in the city.

The activists of the MNS cut a huge cake which had the image of the Bangla Deshi intruders being caught and taken away.

The programme was organized by the District Unit chief of the Maharashtra Navnirman Vidhyarthi Sena Sandeep Pachange.

The cake had a slogan, “ Bangla Deshi Ghuskorancha Nash, Maharashtra Nava Nirman Senecha Dhyas.”

Talking to the newsmen at the venue where the huge cake was cut Pachange said that it was on January 23, Raj Saheb had announced the program of the MNS and this was followed by a meeting on February 09, against the NRC and CAA etc etc. Wherein we have declared a war against the Bangladeshi intruders.

Accordingly, the MNS activists traced out the intruders and handed them to the police. This drive will continue hereafter also he declared and said that it may even be intensified. (UNI)