Man booked for abetting death of cat

Man booked for abetting death of cat

Agency News

Thane, Mar 5: A man was booked on the alleged charges of being responsible for the death of a cat, city police said.

According to the complaint Bhavin Acharya (30), he found a cat lying in a pit in heavy rains in January 2018 and took her home. On February 29, 2020, as he along with his family members was going to Goa for a tour, he gave the cat to the alleged accused Vikrant Mane and also gave him Rs 500, for taking care of the animal.

After returning from Goa on Wednesday, Bhavin called up Mane and enquired about the cat. Mane said he would come within 10 minutes, but in vain. When the complainant reached Mane's house, he learnt that the cat was lost, when he was taking her out.

Bhavin carried out a search at around 4pm on Wednesday in the vicinity of Mane's house. He found a gunny bag lying abandoned with it's mouth tied up and a foul smell coming out of it, from behind a building in Vayle Nagar.

When he opened the bag, to his utter shock he found his cat lying dead in the bag, following which he filed a complaint against the accused.

He alleged that the accused had not not taken proper care of the cat, resulting in her death and to dispose of the same, Mane had dumped it in the bag behind the building.

The alleged accused has been booked under Section 429 of IPC and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 Sections 11(1)(a)(I)(L). An offence was registered on Wednesday last night with the Khadakpada police station of Kalyan.

However, no arrest was made in this connection, police added. (UNI)