Shiv Sena criticises preparations ahead Trump visit

Shiv Sena criticises preparations ahead Trump visit

Agency News

Mumbai, Feb 17 : The Shiv Sena on Monday made a verbal attack against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as preparations being made ahead of the US President Donald Trump's visit. In a scathing 'Saamna' editorial, the party likened Trump's visit to that of a British monarch coming to a colonised nation in pre independence era.

"The ongoing preparation for the much awaited visit of US President Donald Trump is like before Independence when British King or Queen used to visit one of their slave nations like India," the party said. "The kind of preparations going on from taxpayers money for the arrival of Trump reflects the slave mentality of Indians," it further said. The party remarked, "Trump's India trip is like the visit of a Badshah." The Sena also took a swipe at the Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation's move to build a wall for hiding the slums on the route through which Trump's convoy would pass.

It questioned, "Is there any financial allocation for such a wall being built in Ahmedabad? Is the US going to offer loan to India to build such walls across the country ?" "We have heard Trump is going to be in Ahmedabad for only three hours but the wall construction is costing almost Rs 100 crore to the state exchequer," it stated. The Sena further averred that the US President's trip would neither stop the fall of rupee's value in forex market nor offer betterment to the slum dwellers behind the wall. (UNI)