Congress MLA Kailash Gorantyal quits

Congress MLA Kailash Gorantyal quits

Agency News

Giving a backlash to the Shiv Sena-Congress-NCP coalition government, Congress MLA Kailash Gorantyal has resigned from the party post.

Miffed MLA Kailash Gorantyal has said he has won elections for Congress even in the difficult times of "Modi wave" and yet he has been denied a government berth for the third time.

Earlier, there was news that Shiv Sena MLA Abdul Sattar quit the coalition government in Maharashtra after being allotted a junior ministry. Kailash Gorantyal said on Saturday he along with his colleagues are quitting all party posts and have sent their resignation letters to the Maharashtra Congress chief.

"We have sent our resignation to Congress state president. I have been elected for the third time. When there was split in Congress and NCP, I was elected. When there was Modi wave even at that time I got elected. And this is the third time. Why this injustice is being done to me? This is not fair. I am not given any portfolio," Kailash Gorantyal said.

The miffed Congress MLA also said, "I along with my other leaders and supporters are giving resignation. We are sending it to Congress state president. I am now getting calls from top leaders asking for the reason behind my resignation but whatever has happened that is not good."