All 53 MLAs with us, claims Sharad Pawar camp

All 53 MLAs with us, claims Sharad Pawar camp

Agency News

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leaders who are with Sharad Pawar said on Monday morning said that they have all 53 MLAs with them except rebel Ajit Pawar. The total strength of NCP is 54.

NCP leaders said that 4 more their missing MLAs have been brough back from Gurgaon. Anil Patil, Babasaheb Patil, Daulat Daroda and Narhari Zirwar, were held in "BJP's captivity" in Gurgaon, says NCP leaders.

Another MLA, Anna Bansode, was untraceable and his family has now located him in Pune. NCP has said Bansode will also be joining the NCP MLAs in Mumbai soon.

Sharad Pawar’s nephew Ajit Pawar made a midnight coup by allying with BJP and formed a government in Maharashtra with Devendra Fadnavis as Chief Minister. Despite pressures from Sharad Pawar camp, Ajit Pawar is still sticking to his stand of having alliance with BJP.