Dengue virus traps Aurangabad city, records 15 cases daily

Dengue virus traps Aurangabad city, records 15 cases daily

Agency News

Aurangabad, Oct 18: Aurangabad records at least 15 cases of deadly dengue virus in a single day which goes up to 51 positive and 265 suspected cases, sources said here.

According to sources, seven people were reported dead due to dengue here. The health machinery of the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has started special OPDs for dengue patients in and around the city area backdrop of spreading the disease and at least abetting drive has been taken place in one lakh houses across the city by health workers of AMC.

The dreaded disease is caused by the bite of 'Aedes aegypti' mosquito, which lays eggs in clean water, stored in earthen pots or underground tanks. At least 30 teams of the Health department are visiting door to door and they have found dengue causing 'Aedes aegypti' mosquitoes at many places, official sources said here.

Hundreds of health personnel and volunteers of NGOs have been pressed to carry out the task of collecting details from the residents. The Health department personnel has urged the citizens to take precautionary steps, like wearing full sleeve clothes and use mosquito nets while going to bed at night, to keep the disease at bay. The department has also advised the citizens to clean all water storage utensils once in a week and not to store water in small ponds near their homes. (UNI)