Equal involvement from all stakeholders required to drive change: Shiv Nadar

Equal involvement from all stakeholders required to drive change: Shiv Nadar

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Nagpur, Oct 8 : HCL founder-chairman Shiv Nadar on Tuesday asked all stakeholders to pitch-in equally for solving the problems and challenges like polio, famines, starvation and economic instability that are being faced by the nation.

Mr Nadar, who was speaking as a chief guest on occasion of Vijayadashmi fuction of RSS at Reshimbag ground here in Nagpur, said our governments are taking strides towards this by implementing policies and projects that aim to accelerate the pace of development across sectors.

However, the government alone cannot take the country to the next level and requires an equal involvement from all stakeholders including the private sector, citizens, NGOs and so on to drive change and progress, he said. Mr Nadar further said our nation stands at a crucial crossroad as our 1.3 billion plus population emerges as the youngest in the world and it is time we train and enable this assets to ensure that together the youth can take India to its rightful place n the pantheon of the great nations in the world.

He also spoke about the startling statistics discovered by his initiative 'Shiksha'. His team found that 46 per cent children in UP under the age of five suffer from stunting as a result of extreme malnutrition, which results in underdeveloped brain, diminished mental capacity and learning abilities.

Delving on the significance of Dussehra festival, which symbolises the victory of good over evil, the Padam Bhusan awardee Shiv Nadar said it is a constant struggle to defeat the evil within and outside. (UNI)