Ten-day long ‘Navratra’ festival begin at Karveer Nivasini Mahalaxmi temple

Ten-day long ‘Navratra’ festival begin at Karveer Nivasini Mahalaxmi temple

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Kolhapur, Sep 29 : The 10-day long 'Navratra' festival, one of the major festivals of the state, began with 'Ghatsthapna' (installation of God's idol) at Karveer Nivasini Goddess Shree Mahalaxmi temple, known as 'Ambabai', in an enthusiastic manner on Sunday.

Temple Pujari 'Shree Pujak' Manoj Munishwar performed an 'Abhishek' on idol of Goddess Mahalaxmi, followed by Western Maharashtra Devsthan Committee (WMDC) president Mahesh Jadhav, who performed a governmental 'puja' and then pujari performed the 'Ghatsthapna' ritual and 'Alankarice' (figurative) puja' to mark ten days long Navratra festival.

During the festival, allegorical 'puja' of Goddess in various forms, will be performed on every day during 'Navratra', which based on 'Karveer Mahatma Granth', to apprise importance of 'Adishakti' Shree Ambabai devotees.

On the first day on Sunday, the 'Puja' was performed in firm Tripura Sundari.

On September 30, 'Gangasthak' will be performed, followed by 'Anand Lahari' on October 1, 'Yamunasthak' on October 2, ascending on elephant on October 3 , 'Sharada Devi' on October 4, 'Kanakdhara' on October 5, 'Mahishasura Mardini' on October 6, 'Annapurna' on October 7 and on Vijayadashami Day on October 8, 'Vijayi Rathostav' (ascend in Chariot form), the puja will be performed.

On October 3, a "Lalit Panchami day" of Navratra festival, a "Sohala'" or a 'Bhaint' (meeting) of Goddess Mahalaxmi and Goddess Tembkai Devi, with take place at Tembkai, five km from Mahalaxmi temple, where Goddess Mahalaxmi will go to meet Tembkai Devi by religious procession, with decorated 'Palkhi' with installation of Ustav Murty (festival idol) of Goddess Mahalaxmi. (UNI)