ACB officials nabs police constable for taking bribe

ACB officials nabs police constable for taking bribe

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Khalid, Jun 25 : Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) officials arrested head-constable, attached to Laxmipuri police station of the city and his private agent for accepting a bribe of Rs 25,000 from the complainant as travelling expenditure to Delhi of detained suspected accused booked in a criminal case.

This incident occurred Monday midnight near Laxmipuri police station. Arrested person has been identified as Ajij Ramzan Sheikh(52), resident of Kasba Bavda,a suburb of the city, head-constable,attached to Laxmipuri police station and his private agent (Panter) Dawood Babalal Patankar(45), Raviwar peth of the city. According to an ACB statement Tuesday early in the morning, complainant Gajanan Bhosale, a retired bank employee, had approached a Delhi based Saubhagya Finance Company for the purchase of a plot and construction home.

Company had informed complainant that they had sanctioned his Rs eight crore loan. Then Mr Bhosale paid Rs 22.37 lakhs online as per company' suggestion. But the company did not give rest of the loan amount. Then Mr Bhosale came to Delhi where he came to know that the company had wound up its operations.Mr Bhosale then registered a complaint against the company on August 10,2018 with Laxmipuri police, who apprehended three accused in Delhi.Head-constable Mr Sheikh contacted Mr Bhosale and demanded Rs 25,000 for travelling expenditure to Delhi of detained suspected accused and told him to give bribe amount to 'Panter'(agent) Dawood, a tea booth owner, in a nearby police station. Mr Bhosale informed this to ACB officials.

As per suggestion of Mr Sheikh, Mr Bhosale handed over the bribe amount of Rs 25,000 to Dawood. ACB officials, who had laid a trap around the tea booth, nabbed agent Dawood red-handed while accepting bribe of Rs 25,000. Later ACB officials also arrested police head-constable Mr Sheikh.ACB officials would present both arrested Mr Sheikh and agent Dawood before Judicial Magistrate court later during the day. (UNI)