Modi confident about NDA’s return to power

Modi confident about NDA’s return to power

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Mumbai, Apr 26 : Expressing confidence that the BJP-led government would come to power again in the country with full majority, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that various media opinion polls were unanimous that the BJP would form a majority government in the country and the debate revolved around whether the NDA would cross 300 or 350 seats or even touch 400 seats in the Lok Sabha polls.

Addressing a joint public rally for the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance's candidates at Bandra-Kurla complex in western suburbs of Bandra this evening, he said, "Various opinion polls conducted by the media are unanimous that the BJP would form a majority government at the Centre and it would get maximum number of seats. "The debate that is ongoing in the media is whether the BJP would break its current record figure of 282 or get stuck there. This is not a BJP prediction. The poll surveyors are also unanimous that the BJP and its constituents would cross 300 or 350 or even touch 400 seats in the Lok Sabha polls," he said.

"After three phases, we are on way to form next government. So what's best to do?," he said and in a veiled dig at NCP supremo Sharad Pawar remarked that, "people of Mumbai are very smart and can recognise which way the wind is blowing." Accusing the Opposition of being stuck in the time warp of the 20th century, he said that on the contrary young voters in the country who were inspired by the Independence attained by the country in 1947, were looking forward to the centenary of Independence in 2047.

"The Opposition does not understand the mood of the young voters of the 21st century," Mr Modi noted and said that the Congress and other Opposition parties were worried because the first-time voters and other new young voters were standing solidly behind him. "Some people are worried about a wave that is sweeping in the country. They are unable to comprehend as to why the first-time voters and also those voters who were born at the end of the 20th century are standing by Modi. They do not understand that the Modi represents the aspirations and dreams of these new voters," the Prime Minister asserted.

Stating that this poll is not for promises but for their commitments, Mr Modi affirmed that he would meet aspirations of poor and not make false assurances. Continuing his attack on the Congress, he said that the Congress had recorded the lowest tally in 2014 since 1947 and pointed that it was fighting on least seats in 2019. "It's invisible anywhere now," he claimed and stated that this was biggest opportunity now so don't waste it. "The Congress is another name for Confusion, they think the new digital generation still think of old days of kings... But now world has changed. No more muster, but the chemistry of dreams and aspirations of new generation," he said and asked, "Is it wise to vote for a party that may barely cross 50 seats or vote wisely where your vote will count..."

Talking about the Opposition's criticism of his government, the Prime Minister said, "The oldest party is criticising our policies, they call middle-class as selfish and greedy but as I have already given example of it, they are insulting you." Observing that the manifesto of the Congress does not mention the middle-class even once, he claimed that they will burden middle-class with more taxes and inlflation. Accusing the Congress of being synonymus with corruption, the Prime Minister said that during his party's rule over past five years, corruption has disappeared from the news headlines. "For first time we have not increased taxes in last five years and ran government, even gave a rebate in taxable income up to Rs five lakh," he said.

Not only that, his government even controlled inflation to 4 per cent as compared to 10 per cent in 2014, he claimed and said that common people have had benefited due to his initiative of Digital India. "We managed India's finances well unlike the Congress, which was bothered only about one family and the party's finances," he asserted. "Like many other firsts, monorail, expressway, fastest trains, even bullet train will be first here in India," he said and pointed that in next few years, Mumbai will get 285 Km-long Metro railway. Lastly, the Prime Minister thanked Mumbai's fisherfolk, taxi drivers, conservancy workers for keeping Mumbai running always under all circumstances.
He also thanked the middle-class and 40 lakh senior citizens for having given up the gas subsidies and rail travel subsidy for poor women and others, respectively. (UNI)