No prosecution for Ashok Chavan in Adarsh scam
No prosecution for Ashok Chavan in Adarsh scam

After getting Nanded, Ashok Chavan buries the hatchet with Congress

Agency News

The disgruntled Maharashtra Congress chief Ashok Chavan turned friendly once the Congress highcommand announced his name as the candidate from Nanded Lok Sabha constituency.

On Sunday, Ashok Chavan said that he had not issues with Congress. “I got Nanded seat because I am the sitting MP,” he said. Earlier, the fissures in the Congress in Maharashtra are out in the open after a purported phone conversation between Ashok Chavan and a distraught worker has gone viral. Ashok Chavan has not denied that the voice is indeed his and he admits there is major discontent over the Chandrapur seat for which candidate was declared on Saturday.

The leaked conversation was an embarrassment for the Congress as its state chief was heard telling a party worker that no one listens to him and he is in such a mental state that he also wants to resign. Media could not vouch for the authenticity of the tape.

The delay in declaring candidates for important constituencies like Bhandara-Gondiya, Pune and Hingoli and Nanded were another point of worry. Nanded and Hingoli are the only two seats the Congress won in 2014 and the delay is a huge worry as the party is already seeing internal rifts out in the open. As Ashok Chavan is the sitting MP of Nanded, the delay in declaring candidate on Nanded was a major point of difference for Ashok Chavan with party.

There was discontent over Mukul Wasnik, who contributed little to the party, was influencing party decisions for distributing tickets. Ashok Chavan also had discontent over the Chandrapur candidate of the party.

Meanwhile, the Congress and the NCP announced their coming together with 54 other parties and organisations in Maharashtra. The Congress and NCP will fight on 24 and 20 seats respectively.