Mob vandalises Forest Range office in Palghar

Mob vandalises Forest Range office in Palghar

Agency News

Palghar, Mar 21: Around 150 villagers from the Vasai town of this district on Wednesday reportedly stormed into the Forest Range office and vandalised the government assets in order to get the five youths freed, who were detained by the forest officials, on the alleged charge of committing arson in the forest.

A supposed video of the Forest Range office being vandalised by the mob has went viral over social media. In the fracas, two Forest Guards Ankush Kendre and Narendra Muthe and other two other officials Shankar Badade and Manohar Badade have sustained serious injuries.

Post incident,the forest officials have approached the Valiv Police Station,where a case has been lodged against the mob under the relevant sections of the IPC, Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act of 1984,and the Bombay Police Act.

The detained youths have field a cross police complaint against the forest officials on the alleged charge of physical assault while in detention. The five youths were detained on the suspicion of setting up trees ablaze around the Tungareshwar hills while the youths deny the charge and say that they went to the forest for collecting woods so as to light up Holi fire. (UNI)