MSBEF to celebrate Golden Jubilee Year of Bank Nationalisation this year

MSBEF to celebrate Golden Jubilee Year of Bank Nationalisation this year

Agency News

Aurangabad, Feb 3: Maharashtra State Bank Employees Federation (MSBEF) will celebrate this year as the Golden Jubilee Year of Bank Nationalisation.

''We have undertaken an intensive 'Jan Abhiyan' campaign, to reach to the beneficiaries of bank nationalisation and common masses,'' Com Devidas Tuljapurkar, General Secretary of MSBEF, said here in a statement.

As part of this, the MSBEF will organise 'Gram Sabha' in 20,000 villages attached to 2000 bank branches of various banks, spread out in 20 districts of Maharashtra.

MSBEF activists will explain people at large in Gram Sabhas on ill-designed policies of the banks, such as leaving of unreasonable and disproportionate service charges for various services being rendered to the common man, which banks are doing mainly to compensate losses, arising on account of huge Non-Performing Assets (NPA) from big corporate accounts.

Bank are charging lower rate of interest to big corporate borrowers, while charging higher interest rate to small borrowers, which is against the interest of common man.

Same is the case with deposits. Presently banking is passing through crisis mainly on account of huge NPA in big corporate accounts. As of March 2018 almost all Public Sector Banks except two Indian and Vijaya Bank have booked the losses and thus those banks are passing on burden to customers. Bank branches are being closed. FICCI and ASSCHOEM are demanding for denationalization of banks which is not in the interest of common man.

Bank Nationalisation has played major role in the development of Agriculture and also has helped in generation of employment Trade Commerce and Industry has progressed,the statement said.

In the recent past Private Sector Banks have been badly exposed on the background denationalisation will jeopardise the safety of common mans savings and thus MSBEF is undertaking mass contact to create awareness with the common man so as to protect common man savings.

In urban and metro MSBEF proposes to organise Jan Sunavani i.e.peoples court by involving all sections of society, it added. (UNI)