BEST strike enters 4th day

BEST strike enters 4th day

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Mumbai, Jan 11 : In spite of the last-ditch attempt made by Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray to convince the agitators, the BEST strike continued for the fourth day on Friday, the longest in decades.

As in 1997, there was a strike stretched for three days.

Th protestors will again have a meeting pn Friday, which will be attended by Mr Thackeray, leader of Kruti Samiti, Surendra Bagde and BMC Commissioner Ajoy Mehta at 1400 hrs on Friday.

To break the deadlock, there was a meeting between the BEST workers' union that lasted for seven hours in presence of Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar, but in vain.

''They neither gave any proposal nor offer, which can fulfill our demands, so the workers will continue the strike indefinitely'' said Shashank Rao of BEST Workers' Union.

As there was a general agreement on some demands, the BMC was not ready to commit anything in writing. Since no written assurance was coming from the BMC Commissioner, the strike will go on, said BEST Workers’ Union leader Shashank Rao.

Meanwhile, for extending support, BEST electricity wing workers went on a strike on Thursday, affecting the power supply department. More than 50 per cent of its staff was absent, sources said.

Mr Rao said BMC Commissioner Ajoy Mehta has refused to go ahead with the primary demand of merging BEST and civic budgets.

All workers are also, meeting (melava) at 1700 hrs, where they will decide on the future course of action, Shashank Rao of BEST Workers' Union.

Their other demands include bonus payment, gratuity to former staffers, staff quarters issues and those regarding gradation.

of junior staff, for which no proposal was made.

Lakhs of Mumbaikar's have been facing inconvenience since the last four days. Many have taken to the social media, seeking government intervention to end the unprecedented crisis.