Sheena Bora murder case: CBI opposes Peter Mukerjea’s 3rd bail plea

Sheena Bora murder case: CBI opposes Peter Mukerjea’s 3rd bail plea

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Mumbai, Dec 8 : The CBI has strongly opposed the third bail application filed by former Star India chief executive Peter Mukerjea, an accused in Sheena Bora murder case, before a special court here.

While opposing the bail plea on Friday, the central agency stated that he was involved in criminal conspiracy with his wife Indrani and made all efforts to conceal the killing of Sheena, by misleading his own son, so that he does not pursue the whereabouts of Sheena after she was murdered.

Further, being an influential person, he may tamper with evidence and influence witnesses whose deposition is yet to be recorded or abscond being a UK national.

Also, the prosecution submitted that there was sufficient evidence on record against him and that he does not deserve any leniency from the court given the gravity of his offence.

Praying that his bail plea be dismissed, the CBI said he had committed a heinous crime with a cool mind in a premeditated and planned manner. Also, that when the previous two bail applications

of Peter were rejected by the court and he had approached the High Court, it too had rejected the plea after perusing entire evidence.

The agency also emphasised that vital prosecution witnesses such as Peter's son Rahul Mukerjea, Vidhie Mukerjea (Indrani's daughter from a previous marriage, later by Peter) and his driver Shyamvar Rai are yet to be recorded.

If let out on bail, Peter might influence them, it argued.

The reply also cited email exchanges between Rahul and Peter, which showed that he was unhappy with his son's relationship with Sheena and had tried to separate them.

Another email between the duo, which was cited, mentioned that Rahul and Sheena felt their lives were under threat.

Further, the CBI also cited the phone calls and messages exchanged between Indrani and Peter before and after the incident of Sheena's murder, which includes that made from the spot where Sheena's body was eventually recovered by Indrani.

The agency says this call was made during the recce made with Indrani along with Rai.

Stating that there was constant contact on the day of the incident(of murder), it said that the murder was committed by Indrani, her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna and driver Rai in conspiracy with Peter.

Citing the call made at 0224 hours on the intervening night after the murder was committed and before the body was disposed of the next morning, it said that the call at odd hours indicates connivance and complete knowledge regarding the murder.

The court had recently rejected a third bail application of Indrani,which was made on health grounds. The court had observed that her stepson is yet to depose and if granted bail, she may tamper with witnesses.

Indrani Mukerjea, her husband Peter, ex-husband Sanjeev and driver Rai are facing trial for the 2012 murder of her daughter from a previous marriage Sheena Bora. The matter came to light in 2015 when Rai was arrested for illegal possession of arms.(UNI)