Maharashtra CM orders probe on tigress Avni killing

Maharashtra CM orders probe on tigress Avni killing

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has ordered a probe on the lapses of killing of tigress Avni on Monday.

The tigress, T1, as she was known officially, was shot Friday night by sharp-shooter Asgar Ali in compartment number 149 of Borati forest under the jurisdiction of Ralegaon Police Station in the state's Yavatmal district.

Speaking to reporters here, Fadnavis said, "There is no happiness over the killing. The forest department took the decision since she had killed 13 to 14 people. There are some doubts regarding whether the tigress was first shot and then the dart inserted, this aspect will be probed."

Fadnavis added that preliminary reports made available to him state the tigress was shot after she attacked the forest staff trying to tranquilise her.

" The tiger is a gentleman. He attacks only if his habitat is violated. Preliminary reports with me say the tigress attacked the forest department team and she was shot in self defence," the Maharashtra CM said.

"Hunter Asghar Ali was hired by the forest department. The doubts raised regarding the killing will be verified," he added.

When asked on Union Minister Maneka Gandhi's statements on the tigress' killing, Fadnavis said the former had used "harsh words".

In a series of tweets on Sunday Gandhi had said, "It is nothing but a straight case of crime. (UNI)