Nat’l Water Convention in MP capital
Madhya Pradesh

Nat’l Water Convention in MP capital

Agency News

Bhopal, Feb 11: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath underlined on Tuesday that, in the future, availability of water will be the greatest challenge before society and government alike.

“It is my cherished dream that every individual receives pure water at his or her dwelling,” he was officially quoted as saying at the state capital’s imposing Minto Hall while addressing the National Water Convention vis-a-vis the Right to Water Act.

The crisis is aggravating due to collective negligence and lack of comprehension, the Chief Minister observed, adding that he raised the issue during the Earth Summit in 1982.

“As many as 65 dams and 165 reservoirs are drying up. Our objective in bringing in the legislation is to create awareness among people to save the life-sustaining fluid and act as partners with the Government in conservation. Numerous novel technologies are available,” he indicated. (UNI)