Cong Govt ‘proves majority’ in MP House
Madhya Pradesh

Cong Govt ‘proves majority’ in MP House

Agency News

Bhopal, July 24 : Approximately four hours after the Madhya Pradesh Assembly's Leader of the Opposition Gopal Bhargava's "remark" in the perspective of Karnataka's political developments, division of votes on Wednesday evening during passage of a Bill resulted in a 122-0 figure.

The Government thus obliquely provided evidence of its majority. The division was conducted on a demand by the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) - which is extending support to the Congress dispensation - and was vociferously opposed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

As soon as Speaker Narmada Prasad Prajapati announced the outcome, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Govind Singh averred, "Two BJP members also voted in favour."

Bhargava alleged that some members signed more than once, therefore verification ought to be done.
Meanwhile, Chief Minister Kamal Nath turned to the Speaker and said, "Let the verification process be accomplished immediately so as to make the situation clear."

The words elicited no reaction whatsoever from the Opposition.

Taking cognisance of a proposal from the regime, the Speaker adjourned proceedings sine die thus bringing down the curtain on the Monsoon Session two days prior to schedule. The Session commenced on July 8.

The 230-strong Vidhan Sabha has 114 Congress members, 108 BJP ones, two owing allegiance to the BSP and one to the Samajwadi Party besides four independents.