Tribal children die as malnutrition ravages MP district
Madhya Pradesh

Tribal children die as malnutrition ravages MP district

Agency News

Sheopur, MP, July 5 : About a dozen children below three years in age have died of malnourishment over the past three weeks in adivasi forest hamlets of this district in northern Madhya Pradesh’s Chambal Division, even as Women and Child Development Department officials are acknowledging only five fatalities owing to “diseases.”
Approximately three years back, this very district had the dubious distinction of making national headlines for the demise of more than 50 minors as a direct consequence of undernourishment.

While official sources admit “a sudden spurt” in the number of Sahariya tribe kids among patients who were rushed to the District Hospital over the past couple of months; other conduits of information claim that the dozen children that perished were residents of villages such as Golipura, Salmanya, Kerka, Bhojka, Kalmi, Agra, Baroda Kalan, etc spread over Karahal, Vijaypur and Beerpur tehsils.(UNI)