10-yr-old raped by her father in MP village
Madhya Pradesh

10-yr-old raped by her father in MP village

Agency News

Chhatarpur, MP, June 14: Shockwaves went across this district’s otherwise nondescript Gaharwar village as news spread of a motherless ten-year-old having been sexually assaulted by her own father – a crime so reeking of social degeneration and moral turpitude that most journalists would have paused in a desperate search for words strong enough to describe the mindless horror perpetrated on the hapless minor.

Even as the unforgiving sun rained fire making the state synonymous with a brick kiln, the victim trudged in the sweltering weather to a police station approximately 5 km away and narrated her tale of woe to law enforcement authorities who immediately swung into action and arrested the man late Thursday.

After the girl’s mom passed away three years back, her dad remarried. The rape was committed early Thursday.Police said that the child endeavoured to reveal the heinous incident to her stepmother but the latter’s behaviour silenced her. (UNI)