Now, Forest officials knock on Sharma’s door
Madhya Pradesh

Now, Forest officials knock on Sharma’s door

Agency News

Bhopal, Apr 9 : In the wake of massive Income Tax (I-T) action, Madhya Pradesh Forest Department officials reached the local premises of young businessman Ashwin Sharma on Tuesday.

“They were sent in compliance of an Election Commission directive,” Divisional Forest Officer HS Mishra averred. Early Sunday, I-T teams from Delhi commenced raids in Indore besides Sharma’s office and residence at Platinum Plaza here leading to appropriation of a colossal amount of cash, luxury vehicles and other expensive possessions.

Reports came to light regarding seizure of wildlife objects and foreign liquor. A period of slightly more than the past decade witnessed Sharma’s meteoric rise from a commoner to a crorepati who is well-acquainted with influential bureaucrats, politicians and others playing key roles in the government and the administration. (UNI)