Cong manifesto is for India’s tomorrow: Kamal Nath
Madhya Pradesh

Cong manifesto is for India’s tomorrow: Kamal Nath

Agency News

Bhopal, Apr 2 : Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath on Tuesday described the Congress’ Lok Sabha polls manifesto as a historic charter for India’s overall development and something that shall prove to be a rejuvenating force for the indigent, cultivators and the youth – categories whose prosperity will transform the national scene.
“It contains the very pulse of progress. The voice of the segments – in whose interests the party always toiled – are outspokenly resonating in the declaration. Once the Congress assumes the reins, 20 per cent of the country’s underprivileged shall be liberated of the curse of poverty and able to lead a respectable existence. The policy statement not only promises to herald days of truthfulness but also underlines the fact that the party never strayed from its principles and values, and never will,” a party release quoted the Congress state President as saying.

Party supremo Rahul Gandhi’s pledge to provide Rs 6,000 each per month to the havenots shall script history even as employment generation in the public and private sectors will be made the foremost priority, Mr Nath said, adding that the 34 lakh jobs to be created in the government sphere will include 10 lakh in panchayats.

“Through agrarian debt waiver, Mr Gandhi strengthened the path of a brighter future vis-a-vis the peasant on whom the nation’s economy is reliant. The 33 per cent reservation for women is a major step towards equality and empowerment. As much as 3 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product shall be expended on health services, 6 per cent on education, the Forest Rights Act will be implemented in letter and spirit for the benefit of Scheduled Castes and Tribes, a uniform tax rate effected, Goods and Services Tax simplified and institutes’ autonomy restored,” he pointed out. (UNI)