Guna – citadel of the Scindias
Madhya Pradesh

Guna – citadel of the Scindias

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Guna, MP, Mar 24: In the colonial period, Guna was part of the Scindia riyasat and after a democratic system was established the parliamentary constituency revealed an inclination towards sending members of that family to the House of the People.
The voting area – comprising eight Assembly segments spread over Ashok Nagar, Guna and Shivpuri districts – witnessed national entities such as the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party relying on the Scindias whose three generations emerged victorious in 14 general elections. In 2014, Mr Jyotiraditya triumphed in his fourth consecutive poll as Congress candidate. His paternal grandmother Vijaya Raje represented Guna no less than six times and her son Madhavrao was elected four times – once as an independent in 1977.

Mrs Vijaya Raje took seriously ill in 1998 and could not hit the campaign trail but still defeated her rivals. The year 1952 was an exception as the Hindu Mahasabha’s Vishnu Ghanshyam Deshpande humbled Mr Gopalkrishna Vijayvargiya (Cong). At about the time of Madhya Pradesh’s formation in 1956, Mrs Vijaya Raje entered Congress ranks. In 1957, she vanquished Mr Deshpande by a margin of approximately 50,000. Half a decade later she successfully contested from Gwalior. That year Mr Ramsahai Shivprasad Pandey (Cong) beat Mr Deshpande here.

Political circumstances underwent a transformation by the 1967 polls; Mrs Vijaya Raje joined the Swatantra Party and made Mr DK Jadhav (Cong) bite the dust. However, she subsequently resigned and the by-election saw Acharya JB Kripalani (Swatantra Party) emerge as winner.

In 1971, Mr Madhavrao (Jan Sangh) entered the fray and trounced the Congress nominee by an immense margin. He repeated his victory but as Congress candidate in 1980. Four years later, he won from Gwalior and his trusted lieutenant Mahendra Singh Kalukheda scored over rivals here. He was fielded again in 1989 but humbled by Mrs Vijaya Raje (BJP) whose winning streak continued in 1991, 1996 and 1998.

Following her demise, Mr Madhavrao (Cong) triumphed here in 1999. In September 2001, he died in an air crash and Mr Jyotiraditya emerged victorious by a sizeable majority in the 2002 by-poll.

The constituency’s Vidhan Sabha segments are Ashok Nagar, Chanderi, Mungaoli, Guna, Bamori, Shivpuri, Pichhore and Kolaras. Five are Congress-controlled and the remainder with the saffron camp. (UNI)