BJP need not tutor us on patriotism: MP CM
Madhya Pradesh

BJP need not tutor us on patriotism: MP CM

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Bhopal, Feb 26 : Raining fire on the rival camp, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath has averred that the Congress shall not take a lesson in nationalism from the Bharatiya Janata Party and does not desire any certificate from a political entity that made no contribution whatsoever to India’s struggle for independence.

It was officially learnt on Tuesday that the Chief Minister spoke thus at a private channel’s programme in New Delhi.

“The Congress was responsible for the genesis of the fight for freedom and history has borne witness to the battle royal led by the party. I wish to inquire of those who are speaking of development as to whether the progress milestone at which the country stands was reached in the past four years alone. Towering Congress leaders did so from the zero condition in which India was received by us at the conclusion of thraldom,” he said.

The communications, Green and White revolutions were achieved not in four years but over seven decades, Mr Nath said, adding that indigence may not have been scotched but the number of the underprivileged decreased.

“This country’s populace knows and has comprehended everything so the year’s electoral outcome shall be different. By agrarian debt waiver in Madhya Pradesh, my dispensation conveyed that the cultivator shall no longer toil while under a loan burden. The system – wherein a peasant was born into debt and died debt-ridden – shall change. The greatest challenge confronting us is how to channelise to cultivators the entire profit accruing from enhancement in agricultural production. A related strategy is being formulated,” he said. (UNI)