Modi-Rahul in Ramayana posters
Madhya Pradesh

Modi-Rahul in Ramayana posters

Agency News

Bhopal, Feb 8 : Prior to Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s public meeting on Friday in the Madhya Pradesh capital, objectionable posters – depicting Mr Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi as characters from the epic Ramayana and put up by a local party leader at the bustling MP Nagar area – became a subject of discussion.

The posters bear the name of Congress worker Sooraj Tiwari.

While the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party’s state spokesman accused the Congress of thus injuring the federal structure, his Congress counterpart said that the posters were the result of a worker’s enthusiasm, the Congress might have ideological differences with Mr Modi but did not support such actions and some of the posters were removed. (UNI)