MP’s Cong govt takes hard-line stance against crime
Madhya Pradesh

MP’s Cong govt takes hard-line stance against crime

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Bhopal, Jan 28: Underlining the Madhya Pradesh dispensation’s commitment towards maintaining peace, state Home Minister Bala Bachchan averred on Monday that stern action would be the fate of those taking the law into their own hands.

The politician’s remark was made to journalists here this evening in response to queries vis-a-vis opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) demonstrations in the wake of recent homicides in the state’s western parts including Ratlam.

“Names of BJP persons and party affiliates have come to light in connection with those murders. The culprit in Wednesday’s killing at Ratlam District’s Kamed village turned out to be Himmat Patidar himself – the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh worker whom BJP leaders were saying had been ‘eliminated’. Investigation revealed that Patidar stabbed lookalike dalit acquaintance Madan Malviya and burnt his countenance in order to fake an insurance claim (of approximately Rs 20 lakh) so that he could repay a debt. Ironically, it was being suspected that the youth Malviya slew Patidar but a deoxyribo-nucleic acid test (at the Sagar-based Forensic Science Laboratory) resulted in a rapid expose. Erstwhile chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan wrote several times in social media regarding that killing. Will he do so now? Will he visit the bereaved family?” Mr Bachchan said.

A reward of Rs 10,000 was announced for Patidar’s arrest. He had even placed his cellular phone, purse, automated teller machine card, a diary and documents in his name in the deceased’s pocket. Law enforcement authorities learnt that Malviya went missing after he left for a farm on Tuesday. His clothes and shoes were found beside a road about 500 m from the scene of crime.

In a BJP leader’s murder in Mandsaur, the accused Manish Bairagi is associated with that party.

When asked about inquiries into the Professional Examination Board, e-tendering and other scams perpetrated during the predecessor BJP rule, the Minister said, “The present dispensation shall have every case of graft probed and will not spare the guilty.” (UNI)