Clash of the titans: Nath responds to Shivraj’s vitriol
Madhya Pradesh

Clash of the titans: Nath responds to Shivraj’s vitriol

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Bhopal, Dec 28: Returning fire at his predecessor Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath averred on Thursday that the Bharatiya Janata Party leader should quit thinking about the Congress and instead pay attention to the BJP.

“I comprehend Mr Chouhan’s present state of mind therefore am not taking offence to his words. He either labels our dispensation as weak or says that the government will not complete its tenure. I can understand the grief caused by the exit of the 15-year-old BJP regime,” Mr Nath said in a statement.

The populace has made Mr Chouhan go home, the Chief Minister said, adding that the BJP bigwig ought to focus on the party’s internal turmoil after it bit the dust at the elections.

“He is struggling to find an appropriate post for himself. Mr Chouhan should make certain who will adorn positions such as the Leader of the Opposition. It is barely ten days since he bowed out of office; he has to rest for years. The Congress regime is a firm one without a trace of discontent. The party shall fulfil every promise made in the manifesto,” he assured.

Mr Chouhan – who did not waive debts during his tenure – has no right to speak on the issue at this juncture, Mr Nath said, adding that the electorate gave the BJP one-and-a-half decades for bringing about development but that party failed.

“He is unleashing such rhetoric to show that he is ‘active’ within his party and to remain in the limelight,” the Chief Minister felt.

In the course of an interaction with the press at his residence earlier Thursday, Mr Chouhan poured sarcasm vis-a-vis distribution of portfolios to the Congress ministers. (UNI)