Kerala scientists crack the mystery of green egg yolks

Kerala scientists crack the mystery of green egg yolks


It has been reported in the Times of India that Kerala scientists of the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University [KVASU] have solved the mystery of some hens laying eggs with green yolks. The news of AK Shihabudheen’s hens laying eggs with green yolks has been bandied about in the media for two weeks now raising much curiosity about how this was happening. Now it has been traced to the food that the hens were being given.

Experts who have been conducting experiments with these hens, said that now the hens have started laying normal eggs with yellow yolks after they were confined and fed a diet prepared by the varsity. This has lead them to the conclusion that the phenomenon of deep green yolks was directly linked to the diet that the hens were given.

Shihabudheen hails from Othukkungal, Malappuram. Ever since he uploaded a video of his hens and and their eggs with green yolks the news had gone viral. All speculation has been put to rest with this clarification by KVASU.