COVID-19 : Varghese stresses for testing facility at private hospitals

COVID-19 : Varghese stresses for testing facility at private hospitals

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Kochi, Apr 24 : Stressing the need for testing facility at private hospitals, Dr Abraham Varghese, President, Indian Medical Association (IMA) Kerala said every patient has to be considered a probable COVID-19 patient unless tested otherwise.

Recently a doctor in Tamil Nadu had died after getting infected from a patient. While State and Union governments rule out community spread of the disease, preparations should be afoot foreseeing the movement of people during post lockdown, Dr Varghese said on the sidelines of a meeting here. Though Kerala government has begun doing random tests, unless at least 500 people for a lakh of population are tested, there could be no clear estimate of what is expected and the kind of preparedness it requires, he said.

Dr Sajeev Singh, Superintendent, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences said most of the private hospitals have closed their outpatient wings and channelised fever cases to the government sector, while taking care of only emergency cases and added such hospitals be opened for treatment of other sick patients. All health care institutions, the secondary and tertiary hospitals, be trained for testing the virus. The tests should become mandatory like the one for HIV, hepatitis-B besides other routine tests before any procedure on a patient, Dr Singh said. (UNI)