Pfizer denies partnership with Sprinkler

Pfizer denies partnership with Sprinkler

Agency News

Kochi, Apr 22 : Pfizer, a US-based medicine company, on Wednesday denied media reports that it has partnership with US-based firm Sprinkler, which courted a controversy after signing an agreement with Kerala IT Department for allegedly collecting datas of COVID-19 patients in the State.

According to press release from Pfizer, the company has reviewed news reports on 'access to COVID-19 patient data' appearing in certain sections of the media and has found these to be entirely baseless. "We have not partnered with Sprinklr to support the provision of any COVID-19 patient information from India. We use Sprinklr’s platform to manage content on our social media channels," the release clarified.

It was alleged that Sprinklr, collecting data of COVID-19 patients, has close links with the US based medicine company researching on anti-COVID vaccines. (UNI)