Pinarayi paid Rs.2 Cr from CM’s Relief Fund to advocate to save CPIM-murderers: KM Shaji

Pinarayi paid Rs.2 Cr from CM’s Relief Fund to advocate to save CPIM-murderers: KM Shaji

Agency News

Indian Union Muslim League leader KM Shaji challenged Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to reveal the source of money spent on hiring expensive advocates to appear for murder accused CPIM workers in higher courts. Azhikode MLA Shaji was speaking to Media at Kozhikode on Thursday.

"The government paid Rs.2 Crore to advocate Rajith Kumar to appear for the alleged murder of Ariyil Shukoor and Muhammed Shuhaib. If the money was not given from the Chief Minister's Relief fund, Vijayan should reveal the source of money," Shaji said.

Earlier, Vijayan on Wednesday rejected the allegations raised by MLA Shaji about misappropriation of relief fund. Shaji began this controversy through a Facebook post on April 14 alleging that the money from the Chief Minister's Relief Fund was used to hire advocates to appear for CPIM murderers of Muslim League and Congress workers.

"We have every right to ask questions because it is people's money. CM's flood relief fund received Rs.8,000 crore, out of which only Rs.2,000 crore has been spent till July 20,2019. Rs. 6,000 crore remains unspent. The was collected for immediate release. Rs.1,000 crore has been spent from the relief fund for the construction of roads in rural areas," Shaji said.

“Pinarayi didn’t make Kerala by throwing his axe. The money in the relief fund is not the money deposited in hundis. It is the money given to the government. Is it wrong to ask about it? Is there any moratorium on speaking politics in the days of Covid19 pandemic? Earlier, there has been an instance when money was taken from the relief fund and handed over to a Left MLA to clear his debt. I’m not disclosing the name of that MLA. I’m not holding the press conference to humiliate people like what the chief minister has done,” Shaji said.

Kerala’s general public are not party workers whose knee will tremble when they see the chief minister.

“Where does the crores of money used by the chief minister for PR works come from? It is not the chief minister who has to decide whether Shaji is having a perverted mind,” he said, adding that he had donated to the relief fund though he is an MLA without pay,” he asked. M K Muneer MLA also participated in the press conference.