Pinarayi is first accused in Sprinklr deal, says Opposition leader

Pinarayi is first accused in Sprinklr deal, says Opposition leader

Agency News

Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala upped his ante against Pinarayi government accusing that Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is the main accused in transferring the data of Covid-19 suspects to a US-based PR and marketing firm Sprinklr.

While the government of Kerala is doing very well on handling the Covid pandemic,the new issue has landed the Pinarayi government in a controversy over transferring Covid data to an American software company called Sprinklr,headquartered in New York.

"Pinarayi Vijayan is the first accused in this data fraud case as this is an agreement with an international marketing and PR firm. Data is the most priceless thing in the international market and according to estimates this transfer of data from Kerala is worth Rs 200 crore in the international market and it could go as high as Rs 700 crore," said Chennithala.

"I am very happy that Pinarayi Vijayan, yesterday (Wednesday) agreed to quite a few things that I have raised. We are now told that this US Company was working in Kerala since the days of floods (2018). Now this company is using the defence of Vijayan as accolades and is used to further their interest there. So we wish to know from the Chief Minister that how long has this company been working in our state," said Chennithala.

The government had not followed official formalities in Sprinklr deal and the chief minister himself agreed that the American company is an accused in a data fraud case, Chennithala added.

“The chief minister had signed the contract not in consultation with the cabinet.The deal is not only corruption but a criminal step endangering the lives of Malayalis,” he said. Chennnithala also sought a comprehensive probe into the issue.

On Wednesday, Pinarayi Vijayan said he had nothing to hide in this as state-owned C-DIT will have the full control of the data and so, there will be no data leakage and some people want to create a smokescreen over a non-issue.