Kerala Minister slams subcollector for skipping quarantine

Kerala Minister slams subcollector for skipping quarantine

Agency News

Refuting the sub-collector’s irresponsible behavior, Kerala Fisheries Minister J Mercykutty Amma lashed out at Kollam sub-collector Anupam Mishra for violating lockdown orders currently in effect across India.

The minister claimed that Mishra was expected to be in quarantine after his return from abroad on March 19, however, the sub-collector was nowhere to be found in his district. Anupam Mishra who was recently married, made foreign trip as part of honeymoon with wife.

Anupam Mishra had come back from Singapore last week and was asked to self-quarantine. He was under quarantine in his residence in Kollam after returned from abroad on March 19. As he went incommunicado from Thursday onwards, the officials who searched for his whereabouts came to know that Mishra left for his hometown Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh.