Coronavirus: Flight ticket booking drops in Kerala

Coronavirus: Flight ticket booking drops in Kerala

Agency News

Kottayam, Mar 10 : Large scale cancellation of flight ticket were witnessed from Pathanamthitta and Kottayam districts following Coronavirus scare, an official said on Tuesday. According to statistics, about 40 lakh Keralites are residing in foreign countries, of which 1.5 lakh people hail from Pathanamthitta and two lakh from Kottayam.

New flight bookings have also dropped immensely according to travel agencies. A native of Ranni, at present residing in Abu Dhabi, said they decided not to come to Kerala after the annual examinations in March because of the coronavirus outbreak. As Coronavirus cases have been reported in the gulf also, people are curious to know about their relatives there. A Kumbanadu native, working in Doha said that they have stopped visiting shopping malls.

Akbar Travels, a travel agency, said that not even a single ticket to go out of the country has been booked from Kottayam and Pathanamthitta in the last one week. No booking was done for Kuwait as they have been notified that entry in that country has been banned. Earlier, 20 to 25 tickets used to be booked from the districts every day, the agency said. (UNI)