Kerala govt imposes Rs 13 cap on bottled water: Report

Kerala govt imposes Rs 13 cap on bottled water: Report

Agency News

Kochi, Feb 13 2020: The Kerala government has announced a price ceiling of Rs 13 on bottled water being sold across the state, according to multiple media reports.

The move by the Kerala government comes after it recognised water as an 'essential commodity'. The cap for bottled water, which now has a retail price of Rs 20 per litre, will now be available at Rs 13.

Speaking to the media, Food Minister P Thilothaman had said that including bottled drinking water in the list of essential commodities allowed the state to fix the price cap on these brands.

According to the Food Minister, the cap was fixed to ensure unchecked price rice of bottled water and to ensure customers are not fleeced. Although some manufacturers demanded that the price cap be fixed at Rs 15, the minister said it was fixed at Rs 13 as it was clear that the manufacturers could afford to sell at a much lesser minimum retail price. He added that the actual cost of producing a one litre bottle of water was Rs 6 and another Rs 2 was incurred towards distribution.

The decision to fix a price cap was taken during an audit on bottled drinking water manufacturers.