Liquor flows from taps in Chalakudy flats

Liquor flows from taps in Chalakudy flats


Residents of Solomon’s Avenue flats in Chalakudy, Thrissur district were in for a surprise when they opened the taps of their flats early morning as the water that flowed out reeked of liquor. Shocked at this they ran to their neighbours only to be told that they too had the same experience. The water reeking of liquor could not be used.

Investigations on how the liquor had got mixed with the tank water lead them to the culprits. A bunch of excise sleuths who had confiscated liquor had been directed to dispose the liquor by a court ruling. Their attempt to dump it into the soil of the ground from where it was caught went horribly wrong as the large amount of liquor poured painstakingly into the ground bottle by bottle, contaminated the water table there and seeped into a nearby well.

It is understood that 6000 litres of liquor had been seized from one Rachna Bar located quite close to the flats about 6 years ago. As the court gave the go ahead to destroy the liquor, the sleuths thought it best to pour it into a pit dug on the same premises from where it was seized. They did not give the action enough thought and little realized that the outcome would cause so many to suffer putting them in a spot.

The enraged flat occupants have filed a case in spite of the sleuths rushing to them and requesting them to withdraw the case. Action has been sought against the erring officers. Complaints have been given to the Chalakudy Muncipal Secretary and the Health Department. A probe has begun according to reports.