Guinness record for world’s longest cake marks Thirssur Night Fest finale

Guinness record for world’s longest cake marks Thirssur Night Fest finale


Thrissur, India: 30-day-long Thirssur Night Shopping Festival came to a memorable end with a Guinness World Records for baking World’s longest cake of 5300 metres on Thursday.

About 1,500 bakers and chefs of Bakers Association (Kerala) made the cake within four hours using 12,000 kg of sugar and flour. Though the organisers originally planned to bake a 6,500-metre-long cake, they could perfectly finish it at 5,300 m only within the stipulated four hours. Swapnil Dangarikar, adjudicator at Guinness World Records, examined the final product for three times before announcing it as a new Guinness World Record. Later, he handed over the Guinness World Records certificate to Thirssur Mayor Ajitha Vijayan. “The longest cake was created by Bakers Association (Kerala) during Happy Days Thrissur Shopping Festival 2020 at Thrissur, India, on January 15, 2020,” reads the Guinness Certificate.

The solid base for the cake was made using iron tables and desks around Ramanilayam guest house in Thirssur town. The dessert stretched out on thousands of tables and desks and later spread chocolate ganache upon it. The vanilla cake, 10 cm wide and thick, weighed about 23,000 kg.

Large crowds watched the event organised by Bakers Association Kerala. Later in the night, Guinness World Records committee assessed the product and officially announced it as a new world record. With this, the old record of Chinese bakers in Zixi county who made a fruitcake almost 3.2 km long in 2018 has been broken.

“This is an effort to showcase our skills to the world,” said BAKE secretary general Naushad. “We ensured hygiene and taste are up to the mark,” he added.

The cake-baking event was part of the grand finale of Thrissur night shopping festival.