Dileep files discharge petition in actor rape case

Dileep files discharge petition in actor rape case

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Actor Dileep filed a discharge petition before the judge who is trying the woman actor rape case to remove him from the list of the accused.

In the petition, filed by the actor a couple of days back, his lawyers of the actor continued their argument on the charge filed by the police in the case. The prosecution will present its case on the discharge petition of the actor on Wednesday.

Dileep has also submitted a questionnaire regarding the veracity of the visuals of the sexual assault on the survivor in the case. After examining the controversial visuals of the sexual assault for a third time on December 19, the actor claimed that the visuals are not authentic.

Taking up Dileep’s plea, the court orally observed that some portions of the petition should not be discussed. It decided to adopt in-camera hearing on the plea. On the request of Dileep’s counsel, the court decided to continue the hearing on the same on Wednesday evening. The actor also submitted the list of queries after viewing the visuals in the presence of an IT expert on November 19.

This was done as per the apex court’s directive while disposing of Dileep’s plea in November. The court had said Dileep can, after watching the visuals, submit queries related to the authenticity of the visuals that can be verified with the help of an expert agency like the CFSL.

Based on his queries, the Additional Special Sessions Court can ask the State Forensic Science Laboratory to provide a cloned copy of the pen drive or memory card containing the visuals which it would forward to CFSL for the examination as per Dileep’s demand. However, only CSFL’s report will be provided to Dileep which he can use for the cross-examination of the witnesses during the trial.