Mystery continues over death of Kerala techie couple in Bengaluru

Mystery continues over death of Kerala techie couple in Bengaluru

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After the decomposed bodies of techie couple from Kerala, Srilakshmi and Abhijith, found in Bengaluru, the mystery over their death still continues. Relatives of Srilakshmi alleged that the Cops of Bengaluru could find their bodies only 40 days after lodging the complaint indicate the police apathy. Still the Bengaluru police could not ascertain whether the death of the couple was a murder or suicide.

Family of the deceased techie couple alleged that the officers at the Parappana Agrahara station seemed least interested in the case. Even after the bodies were found, the Circle Inspector of the police station did not ask any questions about the death to the family.

The young techie couple, Abhijit Mohan (25 years old), who was from Agali in Palakkad and Srilakshmi (21 years old), from Mala in Thrissur district, were employees in Electronic City in Bengaluru. After lodging a complaint by their family 40 days back over the disappearance of them, body of the young couple found hanging in a forested area in Chintala Madiwala, barley 500 mts away from the exact live location the duo had shared with their friends, on November 26. The highly decomposed body was found a local landlord.

Srilakshmi last contacted her relatives on October 10. Since then, her phone was switched off mode. So the alerted family members immediately registered a complaint in their nearby police station in Kerala. The relatives themselves searched all contacts to track down Srilakshmi and her collegue. But they could not find them. On October 13, a police officer from Kerala reached the Parappana Agrahara police station in South East Bengaluru to file a missing person’s complaint. Soon they found that a colleague of Srilakshmi named Abhijith Mohan too had gone missing.

Despite the cops accessing their live location, they failed to track down the bodies of Srilakshmi and Abhijith for 40 days, allege relatives.

At 5:30 pm on October 10, Srilakshmi rang up her uncle Sethumon with a request. That was the last time he heard from her, Sethumon recalls. “She wanted me to identify a good psychiatrist for her friend. She said that he had been going through some issues and needed a Malayali doctor that he could be comfortable in speaking to. Since then her phone was switched off,” he says.

On October 12, a day after they went missing, two of Srilakshmi’s and Abhijith friends received distress texts from the duo, urgently asking to be rescued. As per this screenshot, a live location of the couple was shared with the friend. And the 4 accompanying text messages, supposedly typed by Abhijith, read “somebody please come and rescue us immediately. It is urgent.”

It is said that their friends had gone to rescue the two of them who struck in a forest area, but returned after the both of them refused to come out of the thick forest.

On October 13, the Parappana Agrahara police was given all the details of the missing duo along with the complaint by Srilakshmi’s uncles. These details included the live location that the couple shared with the two friends who attempted to rescue them.

On November 26 - the bodies of the two were found hanging in a forested area in Chintala Madiwala, barley 500 mts away from the exact live location the duo had shared with their friends. The relatives complained that the police did not act on time to save the missing persons. On October 18, Srilakshmi’s uncles filed a Habeas Corpus petition at the Karnataka High Court to track their niece down also did not yield any results.

Following the discovery of their bodies, several wrong reports came as Srilakshmi had contacted her family on November 23, complain relatives. Some news reports published on Bengaluru newspapers also stated that the duo had killed them as their families had opposed to their marriage over caste differences, relatives complained. The family denies that they had opposed the ‘relationship’ and as both of them belong to the same caste, so there was no caste issue here, says relatives of Srilakshmi.

An unnatural death case now been registered in the Hebbagodi police station, which has jurisdiction over Chintala Madiwala - the area from where the bodies were recovered. But relatives of Srilakshmi are still believed a lot of mystery shrouded around the death of this young techie couple.