CPM politburo comes down harshly on Pinarayi over UAPA arrests

CPM politburo comes down harshly on Pinarayi over UAPA arrests


The CPM politburo blasted Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan left and right at the end of the two-day politburo meeting which concluded in Delhi on Sunday.

The criticism came on account of the police slapping UAPA charges on two CPM youths in Kozhikode. They have been charged with having Maoist links.

Immediately after the arrest of the two youths, party general secretary Sitaram Yechuri and senior leader Prakash Karat condemned the slapping of UAPA, an Act that the party has always opposed. M.A. Baby too expressed similar opinion on the matter.

This is the first time that Pinarayi came under attack from all sides including a section of the politburo led by former general secretary Prakash Karat that has been known to back him always.

Pinarayi is learnt to have tried to wriggle out of this claiming that it was the police who slapped UAPA charges and necessary action to overcome this would be taken when the matter came before the State Government. Incidentally, Pinarayi is also the Home Minister and this 'overstepping' of the police ignoring the Home Minister was seen as a major failure.

The majority of the leaders found it difficult to accept the explanation and even senior leaders felt that it was disheartening to note that UAPA was imposed in a CPM-ruled State where the politburo member was the Home Minister.

It was decided to discuss the matter in detail at the party's central committee meeting to be held in January in Thiruvananthapuram.

There was also criticism of the functioning of Pinarayi. There were charges from a certain section in the politburo over the ‘adamant’ way Pinarayi was conducting himself controlling both the Government and the party.

There was a talk in party circles that among the different reasons like the way the Government implemented the Sabarimala verdict on young women entry, there was also a vote against Pinarayi's ways which saw the party lose all but just one of the 20 Lok Sabha seats recently.