CPM goes back on UAPA case against two youths, asserts not to interfere

CPM goes back on UAPA case against two youths, asserts not to interfere


In a major U-turn, the CPM state secretariat has said it will not intervene in the case of two students arrested from Kozhikode under UAPA charges of alleged Maoist links. This was announced through a statement

The party said it was for the probe team to go ahead as the government will not, though it had earlier promised to do so to the parents of the accused, intervene in the matter.

To make matters worse, the district committee of the party, which looked into the issue, had informed the leadership that the accused did have Maoist links and the situation was critical.

The CPM leadership was going back on its earlier stand that when the CPM was in power, "no innocent will be charged with UAPA". The secretariat had also it hoped the government would change its stance.

Even when the party top leaders wax eloquent about UAPA being a 'black Act', the state leadership along with the Government have gone back and admit that UAPA charges cannot be withdrawn.

It has realised that in case it makes efforts to dilute the UAPA charges in the case, the Centre could step in and the National Investigation Agency would take over.

With the party Kozhikode committee saying the two youths had Maoist links, the party is in a dilemma regarding expelling them. Fearing a backlash, the secretariat has asked the district committee to take appropriate action.