Actor Siddique tears into WCC

Actor Siddique tears into WCC

Agency News

Siddique, actor and office-bearer of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA), on Tuesday slammed the Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) , which was formed in solidarity of the sexually harassed actor.

The actor was talking at an interaction section with police personnel organised at the Ernakulam Rural Police headquarters. Stressing on the hypocrisy on WCC, actor said: “Other than posting somethin on social media, what did the WCC do for the survivor. Did they provide legal aid or any to find the truth of the matter. If I heard right, the survivor had herself confronted WCC for doing hardly anything for her,” said Siddique.

Mr. Siddique said that being remanded in custody for 85 days is not proof of the accused actor’s guilt since remand is a mere arrangement, which only means that he was denied bail on the request of the police probing the case.

He said that while his equation with the accused actor may change if and when his guilt was proven, it was his duty to stand by him as a friend and colleague till then. He said that the actor’s name was dragged into the case months after the key accused was arrested.

Mr. Siddique blamed the media for creating an impression that AMMA was not by the survivor’s side. He claimed that AMMA like the rest of society always stood with the survivor. He also said that he personally had contacted the female actor multiple times since then.

The sexual harassment against female actor happened two years back. The actor was allegedly abducted and sexually harassed in a moving car by a gang led by the key accused ‘Pulsar’ Suni on the night of February 17, 2017. The gang had allegedly intercepted the actor’s car on National Highway 544, near Parambayam, when she was en route to Kochi after a shooting session in Thrissur.