Police firm on UAPA charge against arrested CPIM youths

Police firm on UAPA charge against arrested CPIM youths


Police have stuck to their stand of maintaining the charge of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) against the two CPIM youths arrested in Kozhikode two days ago claiming that they had Maoist connections.

heir bail application came up for hearing on Monday and after hearing both sides briefly, the court put off the hearing to Wednesday. In the Assembly, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan while giving the police version, which substantiates the slapping of UAPA charges, also said the matter would be looked into and misuse of the Act would be checked.

Police handed over its report to the prosecution, claiming that there was sufficient ground to charge the case under UAPA. According to the defence,  the accused have no criminal background and were CPM workers.

In the wake of stiff opposition to the police action from several quarters, the prosecution said it would need two days to look into the report to see if charging the two youths under UAPA was valid. This made the court postpone the hearing to Wednesday.

According to Pinarayi, on November 1 evening,  after the police commando force Thunderbolt shot four suspected Maoists in an alleged encounter in the Agali forests, three youths came under observation at Pantheeramkavu in Kozhikode. While one of them escaped, police nabbed the other two. One of them, police claimed, raised pro-Maoist slogans. Maoist literature and notices were seized from them.