CPI dubs police video of Maoist encounter fabricated

CPI dubs police video of Maoist encounter fabricated

The CPI, which has been training its guns on the State Government and dubbed the claim that the four suspected Maoists were killed in an encounter, said today that the video released by the police was fabricated.

Party state assistant secretary Prakash Babu, who led a team of party legislators for an assessment of the situation, said the video shows everyone lying down during the shooting. The police owe an explanation as to who shot the visuals which could be done only while standing. There are contradictions on the visuals and police have been secretive about the whole thing, he said.

It is hard to believe that Manivasagan, one of those killed and who was reportedly not keeping well, fired when a massive Thunderbolt force was present there, Prakash Babu added.

A visit to Manjakkandi made clear that there was no encounter. The shed seen there was built by the police a few days ago, locals had told the CPI team. However, police claimed that the Maoists were using the shed. It was also clear that the four were shot when they were having food, discounting the encounter theory, he added.

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