Karamana death: Autopsy finds head injury behind Jayamadhavan’s death

Karamana death: Autopsy finds head injury behind Jayamadhavan’s death

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Thiruvananthapuram: Giving some proof to the allegations, the autopsy result of the Jayamadhavan, who found dead on the floor of his house near Karamana in April 2017, has shown that there was some head injury behind his death.

The death of seven people within a family in Karamana has turned controversial after some relatives alleged that death including that of Jayamadhavan, the last heir of Koodathil Veedu, was fishy. The death of the seven people within the family happened during a period of two decades.

The relatives claimed Nair was healthy when he died and after his demise the most of the property went to caretaker Raveendran, which they found was suspicious. Raveendran got hold of the properties based on a will prepared by Nair before his death.

Jayamadhavan Nair had died of head injury, revealed his histopathology report. The death of Nair was the last in the series of murders from the family that held immense wealth in the form of landholdings.

The autopsy report had mentioned injury marks on the body. The histo-pathology report gave more clarity to the findings as it said the head and nose injuries were found on the body. The report further said the skull was intact, but there was internal bleeding in the brain

Meanwhile, the police raided the residence of Raveendran and seized documents including revenue records. Police said they will examine the records in the coming days.