Three ‘Maoists’ killed in encounter near Agali forest

Three ‘Maoists’ killed in encounter near Agali forest


Three persons believed to be suspected Maoists were killed in an 'encounter' inside the forest area at Agali in Palakkad on Monday afternoon.

According to police reports, the special squad of Thunderbolt and the Maoists was still on..

The presence of the suspected Maoists was noticed during recent raids by the Thunderbolt team on the Agali-Ooty road running through the forest at Manjakatti. During one such raid, there was an encounter where police shot three of them. Another person was said to be injured.

Two of the dead were identified as  Jomon Chungathara and one Ajay of Bihar. The identity of the third person was yet to be ascertained.

Police said weapons were also seized from the youths and those killed were in the police list.

More forces have been rushed to the area and to face any eventuality.

Last May, in a similar encounter the special commando force killed a person and injured another at a luxury resort in neighbouring Wayanad district.

In November 2016, Thunderbolt forces killed two Maoists, including a woman in an alleged encounter inside the Nilambur forests in Malappuram district.