CISF detects Rs 7.76 lakh from , four passengers at Cochin Airport

CISF detects Rs 7.76 lakh from , four passengers at Cochin Airport

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New Delhi, Oct 24: The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) on Wednesday detected Rs 7.76 lakh from four passengers at Cochin Airport, an official release said here on Thursday.

Around 10 pm on Wednesday,  during pre-embarkation security check at security hold (SHA) area of Cochin Airport, a CISF duty official noticed some suspicious object kept under the socks of a passenger who was identified as Asif of Kannur and was bound to travel to Kuala Lumpur.

Subsequently, a thorough and pet-down search was carried out and found that Indian currency worth Rs 2.05 lakh was found concealed under the socks.

On questioning, he could not produce any valid document. In the meantime, another passenger Biju Kuniyil Parambath of Calicut who was supposed to travel to the same destination by the same flight, approached for frisking in SHA, during which, another duty official detected Indian currency worth Rs 2.13 lakh concealed under his socks.

Both the passengers were enquired tactfully. On enquiry, they revealed that two more passengers were travelling with them to the same destination, the CISF said.

Immediately, CCTV footage were reviewed and their partners were located in departure hall. They were intercepted and their baggages were thoroughly searched and Rs 2.96 lakh and Rs 62,000 were recovered from their hand bag and purse respectively, the CISF added.

They also could not produce any valid documents for the possession of such large cash with them.

Later, all four passengers along with total recovered cash Rs 7.76 lakh were offloaded and handed over to Customs officials. (UNI)