Seven flat owners to get full interim compensation;

Seven flat owners to get full interim compensation;

Agency News

Kochi, Oct 17 : Committee set up to distribute interim relief to the owners of the flats in Maradu on Thursday decided to grant Rs 25 lakh compensation to three more applicants. With this the number of affected flat owners who will get the full compensation rose to seven.

Earlier, the committee found only four flat owners were eligible to get Rs 25 lakh, the full interim compensation fixed by the Supreme Court. The deadline to submit applications ended on October 16.

The applications were scrutinised by Justice K Balakrishnan Nair committee, which includes former Kerala chief secretary Jose Cyriac and an engineer R Murugeshan as members. The committee has proposed the names of 35 flat owners deserve to get a compensation, says Balarkishnan Nair.

The committee decided the compensation amount based on the price of the property in the first sale deed. The low value in the title deed has proved detrimental to the rest of the flat owners. The affected flat owners had sought a compensation ranging from Rs 51 lakh to Rs two crore. (UNI)